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Trading and Exchanges

Kdb workshop from Kx

In early December 2020, I had a pleasure to take part of Workshop organized by Kx about Kdb+ which is a column-based relational time-series database.

JodaTime - week number in month of business date

If you would like to figure out week number in the month of your business date by using JodaTime in Java, please check below code snippet

Investopedia - Dark Pool

A few days ago I was refreshing my knowledge around Dark Pools which are private exchanges for trading securities that are not accessible for the public. Instead of checking my private library, I just went to Investopedia article An Introduction to Dark Pools.

IntelliJ - Static Imports by Replace Structurally

In my project at work, I was forced to do one very painful refactoring, but hopefully, IntelliJ came to rescue! The task was divided into two steps. The first step was about extracting literal into a constant variable in about maybe 200 places. That step was easy by using Replace in Path (Ctrl+Shift+R). The second and final step was about making static imports to that new constant in every class. Making such a change by hand was too overwhelming for me, but expectantly, there is a tool in IntelliJ called Replace Structurally. That tool allows you to replace every import of your variable to be static import instead of normal field import by selecting the option Use static imports