Ramda - functional js

Recently I spent some time working on an app designed to be used during an interview process. The application is supposed to fetch and transform data from several APIs to mostly list investors in private market space along with their commitments for a given asset class.

Python Garbage Collection

The standard Python interpreter (CPython) uses two garbage collectors at once:

  • reference counting
  • generational garbage collection

Dublin London Relocation

Greetings, fellow developers! Buckle up and join me on an extraordinary adventure as I share my tale of relocating from the charming streets of Dublin to the bustling tech hub of London. Get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter, challenges, and some top-notch coding anecdotes!

Dublin Turkey Shoot Regatta

Few shots from Turkey Shoot Race which took place in Dublin Bay on 28/11/2021

Elasticsearch and Kibana in Docker

As I have started playing a little bit with ElasticSearch and Kibana locally, obviously via Docker. Feel free to find below how to start play with it as well.